Featured News: Stallion Owners Should Explore Opportunities in Europe and the Middle East

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October 30, 2015

Posted by SBS in Import and Export

SBS Affiliates - Northern Hemisphere Stallion owners in the United States have the potential to increase their income and the number of foals born from their stallions each year by exploring the breeding industries in Europe and the Middle East. The equine breeding season for these destinations as well as other northern hemisphere countries takes place at the same time as the breeding season for the United States. For some stallions, the demand for their offspring in one of these countries may be equal to or greater than their popularity within their home country. This is where the exploration of a foreign market could prove to be beneficial. European countries send approximately 25% of the visitors to the SBS website. So if you would like to market your stallion, which was frozen by an SBS Affiliate Lab, to the markets in Europe and the Middle East be sure to post and/or update your stallion profiles on our SBS Stallion Guide.

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Riding the Pregnant Mare

October 30, 2015

Posted by SBS in Mare Management

Riding Pregnant Mares_Woman and Horse Cropped Knowing when to stop riding your pregnant broodmare can be a debatable topic. This article will review recommended time points yet, like an individual person, each broodmare has independent feelings and each pregnancy can be different for a particular broodmare. There are noticeable signs your broodmare may be showing you she is uncomfortable or physically unable to do certain movements you ask of her when riding. It is always recommended that you consult your veterinarian when deciding the best plan of action regarding riding your broodmare and how strenuous the activity should be.

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Featured Breeder: JB Quarter Horse Stud

October 28, 2015

Posted by SBS in Focus On Our Breeders

Hislop_PC Peppys Jack Frost Jock and Brooke Hislop of JB Quarter Horse Stud in Naracoorte, South Australia began breeding Quarter Horses after Jock spent ten years on the pro rodeo circuit as a bareback rider and occasional bulldogger. They chose to breed horses as a way to stay involved in the sport of rodeo which they hold dear to their hearts. They believe there is a growing market for high quality rodeo performance horses and when crossed on cow savvy mares, a strong crossover into the campdrafting arena as well. Their breeding program is based around their two Quarter Horse stallions, Only Foolin Around and PC Peppys Jack Frost.

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Do You Know the History of SBS?

July 15, 2014

Posted by SBS in Affiliate News

SBS-MD You may know what Select Breeders Services (SBS) is but do you know how it all began? Select Breeders Service was the vision of Paul Loomis (SBS CEO and founder) in 1981 while he was in graduate school at Colorado State University. As he conducted experiments for developing methods to successfully freeze equine semen he believed then, as he does now, that frozen semen would one day be the preferred method for breeding quality horses. So in 1987, Paul incorporated SBS as a company dedicated to the responsible development of the equine industry.

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