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Delta Equine Center

January 12, 2014

Posted by SBS in Affiliate News

Delta_Equine When hurricane Rita roared through the Gulf of Mexico in 2005 and then slammed into southwest Lousiana it was disasterous for Delta Equine Center (DEC).  Dr. Larry Findley, Sr., founder and primary owner of DEC, took this catastrophe as an opportunity to build a better, state of the art facility.  Through faith and hope the new DEC was constructed as it is today. It is a full service veterinary hospital located just south of exit 7 on I-10 in Vinton, Louisiana. Staffed with five veterinarians and a 24 hour crew of knowledgeable technicians the services provided by DEC include equine reproduction, equine sports medicine, surgery, treatment, and small animal care.  They also have the ability to provide hyperbaric oxygen therapy and MRI.

Delta_Lab It has always been a goal of Delta Equine Center to be on the cutting edge of technology and this remains true for their reproduction center.  Such a goal led them to become one of the newest affiliate members of the Select Breeders Affiliate Laboratory Network.  The reproduction facility has the capability to stand 12 stallions year round giving them the opportunity to consistently breed over 300 mares each year. The reproduction lab is equipped with the latest in semen evaluation and processing technology allowing them the ability to provide CASA (computer assisted semen analysis) evaluations, cushion centrifugation, Equipure processing, semen freezing, embryo vitrification and embryo transfer.   

Delta_Caleb_Lab Dr. Findley provides the veterinary services at the equine reproduction center and is assisted by Jason Thomas (farm manager), Caleb Findley (assistant manager) and Chad Reeves (Barn Manager).  Mare reproduction services at the center include ultrasound and palpation, uterine culture and biopsy, uterine and deep horn insemination, and many other aspects of mare management.  Fifty to one hundred mares foal out in the spacious 14 by 24 foal out stalls with the supervision of round the clock foal watch and immediate veterinarian care.

Delta Equine Center is proud to service the equine industry from conception and birth to weaning and sale. Please contact the staff at DEC for questions about their equine reproduction services.

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