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Delta Equine Center


Delta Equine Center was founded in 1983 by current owner Dr. Larry Findley SR. A few years later Dr. Findley hired a young DVM graduate DR. Phillip Appleton to share the load of a growing business. Dr Findley and Dr. Appleton are now partners along with two of Dr. Findley’s sons Dr. Larry Findley Jr. and Dr. Troy Findley.

In 2005 hurricane Rita caused disastrous damage to the DEC facility, as it did most of S.W. Louisiana, but with every hardship comes an opportunity for growth and reevaluation. Dr. Findley took full advantage of this silver lined opportunity with faith and hope to rebuild our current ‘state of the art’ establishment.

The new DEC facility is built specifically to accommodate such equine needs as lameness exam and treatment, surgeries, many facets of equine reproduction, hyperbaric therapy, MRI, digital x-ray, and sale prep.

At DEC there are two main buildings, the north building and the south building. The north building keeps two treatment rooms, two padded rooms used for induction or recovery, a very accommodating surgery suite, MRI room, a digital x-ray room with adjoining consultation area, and a separate, fully isolated exam and treatment area. Under this same roof are forty spacious concrete stalls with comforting rubber floors and full view gates. This north side building also houses a rapidly growing small animal wing with the same benefits as the large animal area. The south building is the reproduction area. Here there are seventy five mare stalls and foaling stalls that all funnel out to our paddock area. Inside is our laboratory that boasts of the latest in technology and methods. Mares are palpated, examined, ultra sounded, inseminated, flushed, etc. in our climate controlled palpation room. Also climate controlled is our padded semen collection room. Still under roof are twelve stallion stalls, a wash area, and a contained walker area. Our technicians and staff are ‘hands on’ trained to assist with most every need.



  • Surgery
  • Lameness
  • Treatment
  • Digital X-Ray
  • MRI
  • HBOT (hyperbaric oxygen therapy)
  • In House Lab
  • Colic                                                                                                                                 


  • Stand and manage stallions
  • Train stallions to use the phantom
  • Semen analysis via Ceros 2 (CASA) and Nucleo counter
  • Cooled semen processing
  • Frozen semen processing
  • Equipure processing
  • Embryo flush
  • Embryo vitrification and storage
  • Foal out and neonatal care
  • Insemination with fresh, cooled, or frozen semen
  • Deep Horn/ low dose insemination
  • Resident Boarding
  • Sale Prep


Dr. Larry Findley Sr.

Co Owner

Dr Larry Findley

Dr. Philip Appleton

Co Owner

Dr Appleton

Caleb Findley

Stallion Manager

Stallion Manager

Craig Findley

Practice Manager

Craig Findley


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