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Judgement lg

Judgement ISF

Stud Fee 2,500.00 USD
  • Breed: Dutch Warmblood
  • Discipline: Eventing, Hunter Jumper, Jumping
  • Registry: KWPN, NA/WPN
  • Export qualified: yes
  • Qualified for: European Union, Norway, Switzerland
  • Available in: United States
  • Owner: Iron Spring Farm
  • Last Updated: Wed May 06, 2015


Sire: Consul

Dam: Faletta

Dam Sire: Akteur

Foaled: June 1, 1991

Color: Dark Bay

Height: 17 H

Reg #199112203

Approved by: KWPN, KWPN Erkend


Judgement ISF showed North American breeders what’s possible by becoming the first domestically bred winner of the $1,000,000 CN International at Spruce Meadows. That was just one of his many international show jumping victories. He represented the USA on 10 Nation’s Cup teams, including the gold medal winning team at CSIO La Baule in 2008 and Hickstead in 2007. He also earned the National Champion title at Spruce Meadows on four occasions. When he retired sound at age 18 he had nearly $1.5 million in prize money.

While Judgement ISF Crown is recognized for his outstanding international jumping talent, he’s leaving his legacy through impressive offspring. Year after year, his sons and daughters are receiving 1st Premium, North American championships and other accolades from the KWPN, and then continuing on to significant athletic careers as jumpers, eventers, hunters and dressage horses.
What to Expect When You Breed to Judgement ISF

Judgement’s offspring are usually big framed, long-lined horses with substance. He will add size and length of neck. He passes on a very powerful hind end, a good walk and excellent canter that covers lots of ground. Judgement adds good attitude and rideability.

KWPN Breeding Designation Approved

  • 2001: Crown predicate on basis of achievement in sport.
  • 1997: Approved upon completion of sport requirements.
  • 1994: Licensed after North American keuring presentation. IBOP W 8, T 6, G 6, PM 8, CT 8, J 9.5 = 83B.



Sport Results in Europe

  • 2008: 7th Grand Prix of Twente (NL).
  • 2007: 1st CSIO Hickstead, 2nd CSIO Dublin, 3rd Chio Aachen.
  • 2006: 13th Kuala Lumpur WC. Member 6 USET Nations Cup Teams.
  • 2005: Member 1st place USA Team LaBaule CSIO Nations Cup, 1st Dublin CSIO 6-Bar, 1st St. Gallen CSIO.
  • 2004: 1st Valkenswaard GP, 2nd Aachen Kreis Prize.
  • 2002: Member USA Jerez (Sp) WEG Team. 19th BCM World Rankings.

Sport Results in North America

  • 2009: 1st $65,000 ESSO Challenge, Spruce Meadows Canada One; 2nd ATB Financial Cup, 4th Nexen Cup Derby, 7th Spectra Energy Cup, Spruce Meadows National Tournament.
  • 2008: Spruce Meadows - 1st CN Performance GP & Nexen Cup Derby (3rd yr). Many other placings. Lifetime earnings over $1.5M. SM-Canadian Champion 2001, 2006, 2007, 2008.
  • 2007: 1st CN Perf GP, 1st Nexus Cup Derby, 2nd ATB Financial, 3rd CN Reliability GP, Spruce Meadows. Many other placings.
  • 2006: 1st Shell Cup. Chronicle 2005 Show Jumping HOY. Total earnings over $1,100,000.
  • 2005: winner $1,000,000 Cdn Intnl GP (SM), 1st LaFarge Cup, 2nd Shell Cup.
  • 2004: 1st Charlotte Classic, S.J. Capistrano. 2nd Aachen Kreis Prize, Hampton Classic. SM: 1st ATB Financial, 2nd Duke Energy Cup, Nexel Cup, Cdn Perf GP, Molson Cup.
  • 2003: Ind 5th Team 3rd, SM Nations Cup. 4th Penn Nat Big Jump, 4th Budweiser Penn Nat, 2nd GP of Las Vegas, 1st Cosequin Open Jumper Ch., 1st Idle Dice Classic.
  • 2002: 1st Budweiser Penn Nat, 5th USET Team Trials.
  • 2001: 2nd $110,000 Cdn Pacific, 3rd $150,000 Shell Cup, 2nd $200,000 Queen Elisabeth II Cup, 4th Spruce Meadows (SM) $1,000,000 GP.
  • 2000: 4th WEF Final, 3rd Devon, 5th USET Selec Trials 4 & 5.
  • 1999: 1st Gold Cup, 1st Mini Prix Manchester. NA/WPN AGA Jumper Award.
  • 1998: 1st Manchester Classic, 2nd Batenkill GP.
  • 1996: 2nd IJF 5/6 YO Eastern Finals.
  • 1995: Ch IJF Midwest Finals, Ch. IJF Eastern Finals.


Offsprings' Sport Results in Europe

  • 2014: Counselor 3rd Agrifirm Prijs, 4th ABN AMRO Prijs, Ommen CSI3*. World's Judgement 3rd GP CSI3*, 5th GP CSI2*-W, Langley BC.
  • 2013: Counselor (b. Artesian) jumping International 1.40m with Johannes Ehnning.

Offsprings’ Sport Results in North America

  • 2014: Balighigh ISF low jumpers. Better Judgement 1.40m. Chivas winning 1.30m classes, 1st Ocala Winter Classic 7/8 yr-old YJC. Cliquot 2nd 1.30 Oregon Trail. Final Judgement winning 1.30m.
  • 2013: World's Judgement, Z. Empress, Zero Tolerance Wednesday Mornin and Wild Card winning at 1.40. Lyion's Creek Ciroc and Ziezo DG winning hunters.
  • 2012: Eventers: Zenith 10th Bromont 3-Day*** CCI, 1sts @ Int. Full Gallop, Poplar Place. Jumpers: World’s Judgement, Wild Card & Wednesday Mornin all showing 1.45m; Counselor (b. Artesian DG) 1.20-1.30m; plus Abella Fortuna, Babylon St. George, Better Judgement, Catapult, Final Judgement, Judgement Call, Z Empress & Zero Tolerance all 100+ USEF points.
  • 2011: Keuring: Get Happy 1st Prem; Dena SCF Res Ch Jumper Mares; Chivas Ch ISF Cup 4-Yr Olds, 3rd Jumping IBOP, Cuervo 4th ISF Cup 4-Yr Olds. Babylon St. George competing 5-Yr Old YJC & schooling jumpers. Black Betty 4th schooling Fieldstone Spring Festival. Z. Calyx Res Ch IJF Midwest Region 4-Yr Olds. Catapult 5th 1.0m jumpers Manchester & The Mountains. Judgement Call 7th $5000 Precise Buildings Speed Stake. World’s Judgement jumping 1.30m, 5th Spruce Meadow Richardson GMP Cup, 3rd Oxford Properties Group, multiple wins Rocky Mountain Classic & River Valley. Z. Empress wins at Low Schooling Jumpers. Witness wins at 1.25m. Wednesday Mornin placing Level 5 jumpers. Wild Card 2nd 7/8 Yr Old YJC, 1st High AO Jumper, Horse Shows by the Bay; 1st High AO, Lexington Spring, placing YJC classes. Zentith ISF Open Intermediate: 2nd Poplar Place HT, 4th  Richland Park HT, 2nd Chattahoochee Hills CCI**.
  • 2010: Consistently Placing Top in Keuring. Chivas North American Champion Top Fives Jumper Geldings. Witness Champion Jumper 1.15m Colorado Spring Classic; 3rd $500 1.00m Stake, High Prairie Fall Classic. Wednesday Mornin 1st High Schooling Jumpers, 1st modified jumpers, Mystic Summer Premiere; 2nd 1.20 open jumpers, Fieldstone Summer Showcase; 4th Mini Prix, Mystic Summer Festival. Wild Card 1st 7/8 yr old YJC, Cavalier Classic, 3rd & 3rd 7/8-Yr-Olds YJC, Blue Grass Festival; 4th 7/8 yr old YJC, Kentucky Spring; 8th 7/8 yr old Young Jumper Championship, Hampton Classic. Willful 3rd Children’s / Adult Jumper, 3rd-USEF Show Jumping Talent Search, September Country Heir. Edgewood 1st First Year Green Handy Hunter, Stonewall Country Horse Show I; 1st First Year Green Working Hunter, Lexington Spring Encore; 3rd & 4th First Year Green Working Hunter, Lexington National Horse Show. Judgement Call 2nd YJC 7/8-Yr-Olds Gulf Coast Mid Winter III; 2nd 1.30m Summer Kick Off “Aa”; 4th $500 YJC 7/8-Yr-Olds, Hits on the Hudson V. World’s Judgement 6th 1.30m modified Mid Summer Classic III; 3rd $5000 Milner Downs Grand Prix, Milner Downs Classic I; 6th $2000 1.20m Mini Prix, Mid Summer Classic II. Woodlawn’s Paris Reserve Champion Baby Hunter National Capital Equestrian Park. Z Judge 3rd High Schooling Hunter, Fox Health August. Zero Tolerance 2nd 1.15m Valley Classic, 6th 1.20m Princeton Show Jumping II, 7th 1.20m Princeton Show Jumping III. Zenith ISF 7th Prelim Polar Place Farm H.T.; 2nd Prelim Richland Park H.T., 3rd Prelim Millbrook H.T.; 9th Prelim Cosequin Stuart Horse Trials & CIC**/CIC*. Abella Fortuna 2nd Level 2 Jumpers, 4th Level 3 Jumpers, Culpeper Finals. Artesian 2nd Training Lvl Maryland H.T., 3rd Training Lvl Middleburg H.T., Champion 5-Yr- Olds, East Coast USEA/Spalding Labs Young Event Horse Championship; 1st 5-Yr-Olds YEH at Sunny View Plantation. Babylon St. George 2nd 1.00m Mystic Summer Festival.
  • 2009: Wildcard 6th Level 4 jumpers, Desert Circuit II; 1st YJC 6-Yr-Old, 2nd1.15m Jumpers 3’9” Pebble Beach Spring Too; 3rd YJC 6-Yr-Old Golden State Horse Show; 2 x 3rd 6-Yr-Old, Hits On The Hudson IV. Wednesday Mornin Reserve Champ 1.00m Jumpers Pebble Beach Spring Too. Willful 7th $5,000 NAL Child Adult Jumper; 4th $1,500 M/S Child Adult Jumper; 5th High Training Jumpers; 2nd $5000 NAL Adult Jumper Classic, 3rd $1,500 M & S Adult Jumper, Equifest I; 2nd Modified Jumpers, 2nd Modified Jumpers, Ledges Fall Classic. Judgement Call 4th LAURIE Young Jumper Champs 6-Yr-Old, 3rd 1.20m 6-Yr-Old Young Jumper, 4th 1.20m 6-Yr-Old Young Jumper, 7th 151 Schooling Jumper – Level 4, Woodledge Stables; 6th 6-Yr-Old Young Jumper 1.30m, 4th 6-Yr-Old Young Jumper 1;30m, 7th 6-Yr-Old Young Jumper YJC Qualifier 1, Upperville Colt & Horse Show. Artesian 4-Yr-Old Young Event Horse Champion, Rebecca Farm; 4-Yr-Old Young Event Horse Champ, Open Novice Event Champion, Galway Downs HT.
  • 2008: Artisan-ISF #2 3-Yr-Old ISF Cup, Ziezo DG #2 4-Yr Old ISF Cup. Judgement Call winning 5-Yr Old jumper division. Dena SCF #1 KWPN-NA Jumper Foal.
  • 2007: Artesian 2nd Jumper 2-yr-old colts, 3rd USDF/DSHB Open 2-yr olds. Ziezo-DG 1st Jumper geld/stal, 1st Jumper IBOP, 1st ISF Cup. Judgement Call tied 1st IJF East.
  • 2006: Ziezo DG 1st Top Ten 2-Yr old Colts; Alamo-WF 3rd Yearlings; Woodlawn’s Paris 2nd freejumping, 9th movement.
  • 2005: Ziezo-DG tied for 3rd Yearlings. Willful Ch 2-Yr Old Colts/Geld, Ch Colts/Geld, Res Ch Yng Hrs, KDA Classic I; 1st 2-Yr Old Colt/Geld, Res Ch Yng Hrs KDA Classic II; Ch Colt/Geld, Ch Yng Horse & Gr Ch, Eden Park Dressage.
  • 2004: Ziezo DG 2nd Top Ten foals. Zenobea ISF 3rd Top Ten foals, 1st DAD Yng Horse class. Zenith ISF: 1st Prem.
  • 2003: Willful 8th Top Ten Foals.

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