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SBS is the largest provider of frozen semen services in the world, with unrivaled expertise accumulated over its thirty five years leading the frozen semen industry. SBS has an affiliate network consisting of several equine reproduction laboratories throughout the United States, Canada and Europe.

Each SBS lab uses state of the art equipment and standardized proprietary protocols, and maintains a quality control program unique to the industry. SBS is the industry leader:

  • More than 3,500 ejaculates processed for freezing annually
  • Over 6,200 stallions in our database
  • Over 130,000 doses of frozen semen in storage
  • Over 2,000 frozen semen shipments sent out each year

With SBS, Frozen Semen is Safe. Simple. Sure


  • Stallions frozen by SBS undergo certain minimum health testing to insure that distributed semen does not act as a vector for the spread of infectious diseases.
  • SBS is one of the only providers in the industry to perform a bacterial culture on every ejaculate frozen. We do not advocate the commercial distribution of semen containing mare pathogens or significant contaminating bacteria.
  • SBS has the largest and most professionally managed storage and distribution program in the world


  • Our frozen semen distribution program is purposefully designed to be incredibly convenient and easy for everyone involved.
  • Our two dose timed insemination protocol for breeding mares with frozen semen allows for ease of mare management.


  • The SBS quality control program and adherence to industry recommended standards ensures you will receive a quality product and the right amount of viable sperm to achieve the best chance of conception.
  • SBS is the most trusted name in the industry, recognized by breeders and veterinarians as the source for high quality frozen semen and outstanding customer service.
  • With SBS you are assured the best chance for success.