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  • Select Breeders Services Australasia
  • 905 Goulburn Valley Hwy
  • Congupna, Victoria 3633 AUSTRALIA
  • P: +61 3 58299 566
  • F: (61) 358 299 307
  • info@gvequine.com.au

Goulburn Valley Equine Hospital


GVEHGoulburn Valley Equine Hospital was built by Drs. Jim Vasey & Angus McKinnon on an 85 acre irrigated farm in 1988 and is situated just north of Shepparton. The hospital is in a unique position in central Victoria and routinely attracts cases from all around Victoria as well as other parts of Australia and New Zealand. The hospital is a center for routine and specialist care as well as being a referral center for many veterinarians with difficult or unusual problems.


Our management of reproductive problems in mares and stallions using advanced technology is recognized as being in the forefront of this field world-wide. Every year we present scientific papers both locally and internationally on our research in this area.


Some of the procedures and services we offer are:

Evaluation and treatment of subfertile or problem broodmares. We are well known in this area, have a large program and have some spectacular successes.

TransferArtificial insemination (AI) of fresh, cooled or frozen semen.
Make no mistake, this can be can be very challenging work. It certainly is an important part of the Reproduction Department.

RecipsEmbryo Transfer. We perform ET on more problem breeders and with more horse breeds than anyone else in Australia.

Semen/stallion evaluation. When not as many mares are in foal as you expect it may be time to make sure it isn't the stallion. We perform this service all over the world for many people, including major insurance companies.

Freezing semen. Every week of the year there are 2 or 3 stallions at our hospital for semen freezing. Some are heading overseas and some are going to be castrated soon. Some are just being collected and frozen in case there is a problem later on in the stallions life. Recently we formed a company named Select Breeders Australasia (SBSA) to function as the parent company for a group of veterinary clinics that freeze semen using our standardized protocols and will have identical quality assurance. The aim is to standardize freezing and frozen semen distribution amongst Australia, New Zealand and in other countries with SBS affiliates.

Quarantine facility for semen export. Do you want to send semen from your stallion overseas? We do this every few months.

Monitoring high risk pregnant mares. Each year mares that have 'high risk' pregnancies have problems maintaining them. We have the ability to monitor those pregnancies using ultrasonography and institute appropriate therapy before the foal is compromised to much.

Reproductive surgery. There are a lot of new techniques and modifications of old techniques that improve mares (and stallions) fertility as a result of surgery. These range from simple things like a 'caslicks' to very sophisticated surgeries such as removal of large ovarian cancers. Warning!! This file may take a few minutes to download.

Research. The GVEH is well known for its efforts in horse reproductive research. We did all of the original work on Ovuplant. We maintain mares in our ET herd and Research herd for the opportunity to contribute to the understanding and knowledge of horse reproduction and breeding efficiency. A project that we have just published is 'Breeding Efficiency of Horses in Australia'. That study is funded by RIRDC.

QH, Paint and Appaloosa stallions available in EU and Australia.

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Dr. Angus McKinnon

AngusAngus graduated from Melbourne University in 1978. Also a graduate of the Ontario Veterinary Collage and Colorado State University. Dr. McKinnon provides the leadership for SBS Australasia. Based at Goulburn Valley Equine Hospital in Shepparton, Australia, Dr. McKinnon is developing the same kind of committed affiliate relationships throughout the Pacific Rim as now exists in the US and Europe. Angus breeds cattle and horses in his spare time.