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  • Loxahatchee, FL 33470 United States
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Reid & Associates Equine Clinic


Reid and Associates Equine Clinic is a full-service equine hospital and referral center established in 1995 by Byron V. Reid VMD. The clinic near Wellington, FL manages preventative equine care, as well as elective and urgent medical and surgical cases.

Emergency ambulatory calls and hospital cases are handled and admitted round the clock, 365 days per year. State-of-the-art diagnostics and treatments include arthroscopic equine surgery, MRI, hyperbaric chamber, IRAP and PRP, to name a few.

For more than 30 years, Dr. Byron Reid has strived to provide the highest quality veterinary medicine to every horse. His commitment to helping horses has attracted some of the country's brightest veterinarians and staff to his equine practice. These dedicated people are recognized industry-wide for going above and beyond to treat you and your horse with respect and care.

With its exceptional reputation, Reid and Associates Equine Clinic serves as a referral hospital throughout Florida and routinely receives high performance sport horses from the show circuits and racehorses from Florida show facilities, training centers and tracks.

Reproductive Services

Stallions:  Reid and Associates Equine Clinic has the most advanced reproductive center in South Florida and is experienced in every phase of the reproductive process, from training novice stallions, to collecting and freezing your top performance stallion. Our veterinarians work with fresh, chilled and frozen semen.  The clinic is a full-service center, including freezing and distribution of semen and breeding soundness exams.  Throughout the winter circuit, the reproductive team at Reid and Associates works with trainers, breeding managers and owners to optimize breeding success while keeping your valuable performance stallion safe and show-ring ready.

Mares:  Getting mares in foal quickly is both a science and an art. More and more mare owners and veterinarians statewide are recognizing that the reproductive team at Reid and Associates has the gift for both. Reid and Associates offers breeding soundness exams, breeding management, embryo transfer, high-risk pregnancy monitoring, and neonatal services.

CEM Import Quarantine Management:  Dr. Newkirk is one of the most experienced veterinarians in Florida regarding import testing procedures and management for CEM Quarantine.  Working with commercial and private quarantine facilities, she is responsible for over 200 horses, including 30+ stallions, a year entering through South Florida and specializes in the efficiency and safety of the process.  She is trusted by many clients to safely navigate the testing process with their valuable sport horses and breeding animals.  

Erin S. Newkirk DVM

Dr. Newkirk graduated from the University of Florida 2007. Dr. Newkirk distinguished herself first as one of Reid & Associates' finest interns and subsequently as a valued associate. She has developed Reid & Associates reproduction service, offering an extensive laboratory to support equine breeding and reproduction medicine, all while maintaining a solid handle on current internal medicine, surgery, lameness, and sports medicine disciplines.


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