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Stud Fee 450.00 USD
  • Breed: Hanoverian
  • Discipline: Dressage, Driving, English Pleasure, Eventing, Hunter Jumper, Hunter Under Saddle, Jumping
  • Registry: American Warmblood Registry, International Sporthorse Registry, Oldenburg Horse Breeders Society, Oldenburg Registry of N.A., Oldenburg Verband
  • Export qualified: yes
  • Qualified for: European Union, Norway, Switzerland
  • Available in: United States
  • Owner: Watermark Farm
  • Last Updated: Thu Mar 31, 2011


Waldaire is a vibrant chestnut stallion who possesses excellent jumping form and international caliber dressage talent. The elasticity and scope of his gaits are correct with powerful engagement of the hindquarters. Waldaire’s generous and forgiving nature make him a delight to ride on a daily basis. He is very active from behind and possesses an exceptional walk and excellent canter. Flying changes have always been a gift with this stallion; he is naturally balanced and light off of the aids. Several judges have given his execution of test movements 8s and expressed their envy of the rider for having such a delightful horse. He is a naturally supple horse who still maintains a great deal of engagement and power from the hind quarters.

 Over fences he is bold and careful. Throughout his career, Waldaire was a pleasure to hack and would happily cross banks, ditches and water with no fuss. Even at 22 years of age Waldaire still enjoys jumping and does so with gusto. He revels in his limber body and enjoys showing off for an audience. His good nature shines through no matter what is asked of him, making him one of the most popular horses in the barn.

He offers breeders an excellent opportunity to add athleticism and talent to their breeding program as well as substantial bone and excellent interior qualities. He is an extremely prepotent sire, clearly stamping his offspring with his calm demeanor, textbook bascule, good use of the hind leg and excellent conformation.




Waldaire’s lifetime average score is 65.795%. He has proven to be a consistent and above average competitor from Training level thru Grand Prix. His average score at Intermediare I (not including Freestyles) is 68.567%. In the mid 1990s, Waldaire was breaking 70% with great regularity in the middle levels of dressage. He achieved scores as high as 81.92% from S Judge Hilda Gurney at Second Level. Thus far in his career Waldaire has received 43 USDF Horse of The Year Awards and is now garnering high praise as a sport horse breeding Sire.

Waldaire retired from competition in 2006 at Grand Prix. He was the consummate show horse who was always eager to perform his best for a crowd. 

His gaits normally receive the following marks:

Walk - 9 Trot - 8 Canter - 9

He is an elastic and powerful mover with good engagement of the hindquarters. His flying changes are smooth, rhythmic and straight - and his 1's are fantastic - often receiving scores of 8 or 9 in competition. In spite of his size, he is an elegant stallion who is a joy to ride each day.


As Waldaire was primarily a competition horse until the age of 15, he has limited foal crops until the year 2005 when his first foals arrived here at Watermark Farm. Since that time, Waldaire's offspring have earned the titles of Champion Foal in North America and East Coast Champion several times!

Waldaire has proven to be an extremely prepotent sire, clearly stamping his offspring with his calm demeanor, size and excellent conformation with a strong loin connection and unmatched work ethic. His sons and daughters are superb candidates for both riding and breeding future generations of sports horses. It is worth mentioning that the foals out of full Thoroughbred mares have significant improvement in bone, substance and suspension in their movement. Waldaire’s sons and daughters have earned the title of Site Champion at their various Registry Inspections numerous times.

His son Wizard WF (out of Abracadabra WF by Again and Again) was licensed for breeding in the fall of 2008 after having been named Top Foal in North America in 2006. Waldina (out of Sabrina WF by South American Way xx/Abundance) received a 9.0 at her foal inspection.

Professional riders consistently praise the high rideability of his get and their above average movement. Over fences his offspring are bold and scopey with good technique. Many have gone on with their amateur riders to enjoy good success in the show ring. All of them have naturally uphill flying changes and are easy to start.

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