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Pax Asgard af Pegasus

Stud Fee 800.00 USD
  • Breed: Knapstrup
  • Discipline: Dressage, Driving, Endurance, Eventing, Historic and Rare Breed, Jumping
  • Registry: International Sporthorse Registry
  • Export qualified: yes
  • Qualified for: Australia, New Zealand
  • Available in: United States
  • Owner: Renee Dubyk
  • Last Updated: Thu Feb 25, 2021


2016 Knabstrupper
Pax Asgard af Pegasus (Pax) is our young, up and coming licensed Knabstrupper stallion with some incredibly influential KNN lines in his pedigree. Pax was licensed by the Danish inspectors Knabstrupperforeningen for Danmark (KNN) during the 2019 inspection season. Pax earned 1st Premium at his inspection.

Pax is registered as a sport horse type. He fits the Warmblood type perfectly with long legs and big, well balanced frame. Pax has a long sloping shoulder and fantastic movement. He offers a strong, short back and croup. He has lots of bone with well-defined and correct angles. At his September 2019 inspection (just turned 3), he measured 168 cm or between 16.2hh and 16.3hh. Summer 2020 he now measures over 16.3hh.

Pax’s movement is light and forward with elasticity and beautiful tracking of his hind legs under him. Pax was started lightly under saddle this past fall and is incredibly cooperative and intelligent. We look forward to putting him to work both in dressage and jumping given his physical ability to go in either direction. Pax is a true athlete, performance horse and willing partner, and we are confident he will pass those traits on to his future offspring!

The approved outcross list for KNN registration is extensive – most Warmblood breeds, Thoroughbred, and Arabian mares are approved for registered outcrossing.

Pax is homozygous LP and PATN1 (LP/LP and PATN1/PATN1). This means he can ONLY produce leopard or near leopard foals when bred to a solid mare. He is also negative for any splashed white or dominant white which increases his ability to produce loud leopard patterning. Pax is tested negative for both PSSM1 and WFFS1. Pax does not carry the grey gene.

Pax’s sire, Pegasus Vom Niehaus-Hof, was imported to the USA. Pegasus was bred by the Dr. Ute Braun-Munzinger of Germany. Pegasus received his breeding license with the ZfDP in March 2004 and was awarded the Verbands Premium Hengst title, signifying that he was considered to be a top graded stallion by that German registry. Pax is fortunate to have a balanced top and bottom line pedigree that boasts the famous Apollon. Apollon became the first colored stallion to pass the rigorous hundred-day stallion testing in Germany, earning a worldwide breeding license. One his dam side, Apollon’s grandson, Ambrosius af Asgard “Atlantis”, stands out as he was the first Knabstrupper stallion imported to America.

Pax will be spending the winter season in Ocala, Florida with FEI dressage trainer Megan Fischer.

Pax has consistently produced well mannered and curious foals that enjoy attention. His foals have all had his strong bone with long legs, wide chests and a big well balanced frames with fabulous shoulders. His foals have gorgeous light movement with fantastic hind leg tracking. 

2021 Stallion Fee $800 USD​
FREE Breedings for graded Knabstrupper mares with over 50% Knabstrupper blood
$400 Breedings for graded Knabstrupper mares with 50% Knabstrupper blood
2020 Breeding Book Mares will receive:
$300 off the next year breeding fee if Pax offspring is taken to a keuring
An additional $200 off the next year breeding fee if Pax offspring is taken to a keuring and produce a premium foal

Pax is available for via fresh cooled or frozen.
In 2020, Pax bred 51 mares. Of the 51 mares, 8 were 17-20 years old, 5 were maiden. 7 of the 8 were pregnant on first attempt. He settled 80% of his mare book on the 1st breeding attempt. Half of his mare book were maiden mares or mares that had previous difficulty being bred.
Pax's frozen semen has been stored with Select Breeder Services in Maryland as well as with the Australian affiliate. His frozen contract varies by country and comes with full reporting. His semen is PROVEN and has produced multiple pregnancies on the first breeding attempt. Each dose comes with 8 .5 ml straws with 560 million progressively motile sperm per dose post-thaw. His semen quality post-thaw is 84% motility (initial evaluation was 95%) and 70% progressive motility (initial evaluation was 76%). 

Collection and shipping at current clinic rates.

Pax is also available frozen for Australia and New Zealand with doses landed in Australia.

Pax Asgard af Pegasus is registered with the following registries:
Knabstrupperforeningen for Danmark (KNN) #208333KN1603262
International Draft and Sporthorse Registry #IDSHR-201802142
The Stonewall Stud Book #201605



1st Premium Knabstrupperforeningen for Danmark 


Phoenix Fantasy MHF - 2020 bay leopard colt out of Feiner Stern mare

Ambassador MHF - 2020 bay near leopard colt 

Sovereign State MHF - 2020 bay near leopard colt

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