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Spookin Up Dust

Stud Fee 1,300.00 USD
  • Breed: Quarter Horse
  • Discipline: Reining
  • Registry: APHA, AQHA, National Reining Horse Association (NRHA)
  • Export qualified: no
  • Available in:
  • Owner: Jessica Eckert
  • Last Updated: Tue Oct 24, 2023


Spookin Up Dust comes from a stacked pedigree of money earners and producers, has impeccable conformation to compliment a vast variety of mares in just about any discipline along with the bone and substance to match, natural talent with the never ending willingness to please, a mind unlike any other that is so uncomplicated, truly genuine, and kind with a heart of gold in and out of the arena. This well rounded versatile stallion has been lightly shown in the reining and ranch riding events and is a buckle winner in both ranch confirmation and open ranch hi point.

Enzo is a stellar stallion choice for many reasons along with the color to boot. AA, Ee, CR/n, nd1/nd2, W20/n, SW2/n, LWO n/n, 7 Panel Negative and soon to be one of the FIRST stallions tested for ALL pssm variants. First limited foal crop hits the ground in 2024 with offspring headed to almost every discipline. Excellent semen quality that ships incredibly well backed by both devoted owners and stallion management who want the same goal as our mare owners: a live thriving foal end result.



  • Lightly shown scoring 70.5 and 71.5 first time out in the reining, full list of achievements to follow..
  • 2021 CTPHC 1st SPB Halter Stallions
  • 2021 CTPHC 1st SPB Reining
  • 2021 CTPHC 2nd AB Reining
  • 2022 AHR 1st Ranch Conformation
  • 2022 AHR 2nd Reining
  • 2022 AHR 4th Ranch Pleasure
  • 2022 AHR 1st Ranch Conformation
  • 2022 AHR 3rd Ranch Pleasure
  • 2022 AHR 3rd Ranch Rail
  • 2022 AHR 4th Cow
  • 2023 AHR 1st Ranch Conformation
  • 2023 AHR 2nd Reining
  • 2023 AHR 6th Reining
  • 2023 CTPHC 1st Ranch Pleasure
  • 2023 AHR 1st Ranch Conformation
  • 2023 CTPHC 1st Ranch Rail
  • 2023 CTPHC 2nd Ranch Reining
  • 2023 CTPHC 4th Ranch Rail
  • 2023 BCF Ranch Show 1st Halter Stallions
  • 2023 BCF Ranch Show Champion of Champions Buckle Winner
  • 2023 BCF Ranch Show 2nd Solid Color Halter
  • 2023 BCF Ranch Show 1st Ranch Conformation
  • 2023 BCF Ranch Show 1st Ranch Showmanship
  • 2023 BCF Ranch Show 1st Ranch Rail
  • 2023 BCF Ranch Show 5th Ranch Riding
  • 2023 BCF Ranch Show Open Hi-Pt Buckle Winner


First foal crop to come in 2024

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