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Veterinarians are constantly looking for innovative ways to distinguish their practice and broaden their services. A Select Breeders Affiliate Partnership is the answer.

The goal of SBS is to develop the equine frozen semen industry and help our partners grow their practice and their reputation. With 30 years of experience in frozen semen processing on your side, you will learn our time tested protocols and techniques and be granted access to our world-renowned storage and global distribution network. With SBS setting the standards, you can count on your frozen semen program to be Safe, Simple, and Sure.

Affiliate laboratories receive the following support from Select Breeders Services:


benefit 1

Employees from all Affiliate laboratories are trained in semen processing and freezing by our experts at SBS’s brand new 13,000sq ft. facility in Chesapeake City, Maryland. Our hands-on approach ensures that every doctor and technician is trained and comfortable following the meticulous SBS Quality Control safeguards. These safeguards ensure the best outcomes, every time.


benefit 2

We grant Affiliates access to detailed protocols, standardized forms, and proven record keeping systems. Our continuing education methods and standard operating procedures are setting the standards for the industry and will continue to raise the bar.


benefit 4

Innovation begins and ends with SBS. We have developed unique semen extenders and protocols that have been tested on thousands of stallions.


benefit 7

Quality Control is at the heart of the SBS difference. We are committed to raising the quality standards for frozen semen. Driven by technology and 30 years of experience, the SBS Quality Control Program is at the core of our commitment to providing quality frozen semen that will hold up to any third-party post thaw investigation. In addition to the post-thaw quality testing performed by the Affiliate Lab on every ejaculate frozen, SBS requires that two test straws from all test freezes and a minimum of 25% of all subsequent freezes are sent to the SBS regional headquarters for independent testing. This testing consists of computer assisted motility analysis, final sperm concentration and bacterial cultures to ensure product consistency and accurate reporting.


benefit 5

SBS has the largest and most efficient frozen semen storage and distribution system in the world. Affiliates are offered the opportunity to utilize these facilities for both domestic and international semen storage and distribution. Affiliates can also take advantage of the international distribution program directly allowing the import and export of frozen semen between SBS affiliates.


benefit 6

The strength of the SBS Affiliate Program lies in the combined knowledge of our members and the continuing education of the network. Personnel from SBS Affiliate labs meet annually to share information and experiences, discuss protocols and policies, and set the course to drive the future of the industry.



Knowledge sharing is at the heart of the SBS Affiliate Program. Affiliates are included in multi-center collaborative research projects aimed at improving outcomes achieved with frozen semen.



We’re there when you need us. SBS Affiliates enjoy access to the top Theriogenologists and Reproductive Biologists in their fields. Our dedicated on-hand staff represent a devotion to the advancement of the equine frozen semen industry as a whole.



The SBS website is viewed by thousands from around the world each month. Each affiliate is provided with pages specific for their lab to market to prospective clients and recognize them as part of this International organization. There is also the SBS Stallion Guide, a free marketing tool for your clients to help your customers reach a global audience. The Stallion Guide gives you full access to these tools:

  • Create detailed stallion profiles, including photos and videos
  • Connect to interested mare owners right through the website
  • View and track frozen semen shipments and track fertility data

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