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Why SBS?

Better Quality Control

  • With SBS frozen semen, a dose is a dose. Each dose of frozen semen is packaged to contain the appropriate number of sperm and post-thaw motility is objectively tested using CASA so you can trust that you will receive good quality semen.
  • Every shipment of frozen semen from SBS will be delivered with a transaction report that provides you with reliable data on the quality of semen in the doses you receive.
  • It is SBS policy that all stallions undergo health testing to insure that distributed semen does not act as a vector for the spread of infectious diseases, even for domestic distribution.
  • SBS frozen semen contains no bacterial mare pathogens. It is SBS policy that every ejaculate of frozen semen be tested post-thaw for the presence of bacterial pathogens or significant contaminating bacteria.

You CAN get Comparable Fertility to Cooled Semen

  • SBS frozen semen can achieve comparable pregnancy rates to cooled semen in commercial breeding programs. SBS has developed and tested a simple and effective protocol for managing mares being inseminated with frozen semen.
  • A comparison of commercial fertility with cooled and frozen semen is presented below:
Cooled vs Frozen Semen Fertility (1999-2000)
Cooled Frozen
No. of Stallions 16 106
No. of Mares 850 876
1st Cycle PR 59% 51%
Seasonal Pregnancy Rate 75% 76%
Cycles/pregnancy 2.06 2.08

Loomis, PR (2001) The Equine Frozen Semen Industry. Proceedings of the 3rd International Symposium on Stallion Reproduction. Anim Reprod Sci, 68; 191-200.

The Most Convenient and Economical Distribution Program

  • Order semen today, have it tomorrow and use our shipping tank as storage during the mare’s heat cycle. No need to have your own storage container.
  • Most SBS Labs charge a flat fee for distribution that includes the handling fee, container rental and two- way Express shipping.