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Cerulean Farm - Featured Breeder

October 15, 2020

Posted by SBS in Focus On Our Breeders

Bridon Belfrey, RID Conformation 400x Nestled along the Kentucky Bourbon Trail in Shelbyville, KY is Cerulean Farm owned by Jeanette Aumon.  She has been breeding horses for 21 years with a mission to restore the best quality of original breed standard, type, conformation, athleticism and temperament of select national foundation horses.  She also strives to be the source of world-class horses specialized to excel in all disciplines suitable for both the professional and amateur rider.   

She has owned and trained stallions since she was a teenager and has always had an eye for a good horse. Her first mare was a Thoroughbred resembling Secretariat that had suffered a racing injury.  Jeanette rehabbed the mare, bringing her back to training after months of hand-walking two to four hours a day.  After she recovered, Jeanette began to focus on her re-education as a riding horse.  Sadly, the mare contracted Equine Protozoal Myeloencephaitis (EPM).  They were able to use an experimental treatment for the disease that was affecting her brain and spinal cord, bringing her back from near death.  However, the mare sustained permanent neurological damage which resulted in her riding career coming to an end.  Jeanette said, “The mare had such beautiful conformation and temperament; the next logical step was to breed her and produce the riding horse she could no longer be. The resulting foal was spectacular. It was then I found my passion for breeding.”

Cerulean Farm specializes in Irish Draughts, Irish Draught Sport Horses, Foundation Bulldog Quarter Horses, Baroque and Iberian Horses, as well as Hanoverians and European Warmbloods.  After seeing a photo of a newborn foal, Jeanette purchased the young colt who would become her prized stallion, Bridon Belfrey, RID (photo above).  She said it was exciting to raise him, take him through his stallion approval and then on to dressage training.  All of her hard work paid off when Bridon Belfrey was chosen to represent the Irish horse at the 2010 World Equestrian Games in Kentucky.  DSC03843absgn 400x Although she has been recognized internationally and has sold horses abroad, she believes her most important and meaningful accomplishment is making a difference through the horses she produces.  Jeanette said, “All of our foals showcase the highest breed standard, are true to type and have amateur-friendly temperaments (photo right: Bridon Belfrey, RID x HPMC/CM/JBP Good Reason, Hanoverian). They are handled from birth and are raised with much love and attention. The result is eager-to-please personalities and a joy for learning.”  She continues to receive praise from those who purchase her horses and it’s their appreciation that drives her breeding program.

When preserving the integrity of rare breeds, the diversity of bloodlines is very important.  This is where frozen semen is a very useful tool and where Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital in Lexington, KY assists Cerulean Farm with their frozen semen processing, storage and distribution.  In Jeanette’s situation, frozen semen allows the genetics of Bridon Belfrey, RID to be represented throughout the world.  She said,

“Select Breeders Services has literally opened my breeding program to the world. My stallion’s semen was frozen with the highest industry protocols and international standards. Mare owners breed to my stallion with confidence knowing they are receiving a quality product every time. SBS affiliates in various countries carry the same respected reputation for freezing, maintaining frozen semen and timely shipments to mare owners. In a business where timing and quality are everything, SBS has strengthened credibility of my breeding program, both domestically and internationally. I consider them an integral part of my team.”

As Jeanette continues to grow her breeding program, she will also venture into a new endeavor of opening a bed and breakfast at the farm.  Customers can enjoy their home-on-the-farm stay while taking in the beautiful views of a working horse farm.  Whether it’s breeding horses or welcoming guests, Cerulean Farm is dedicated to their mission and their clients

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