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Cre Run Farm

March 16, 2011

Posted by SBS in Focus On Our Breeders

DA AdiosMany horse owners may be unfamiliar with the Arabian racing industry, but for Cre Run Farm in Doswell, VA, it is their passion. For the past 25 years, Cre Run has been breeding and developing some of the world's top Arabian race horses such as Da Adios (left), the US all time money earner, 2008 World Arabian Horse of the Year and 5 time Darley Champion and Sam Tiki (below right, photo credit: Leslie Gicewicz), a member of the Racing Hall of Fame as well as siring 4 Darley champions. Cre Run's goal has been to "breed for the ultimate Arabian. One that possesses Arabian type but also has correct confirmation, bone and substance," says Cre Run owner Deborah Milahoff. Countries such as Poland, Egypt and Russia developed their herds through racing and it made perfect sense for Cre Run to do the same.

Sam Tiki The success of their horses brought forth recognition from breeders around the world and Cre Run has sold stock to the National Stud of Turkey, Germany, England, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, and Qatar. With such worldwide demand for their stallions, the use of frozen semen has proven beneficial to the breeding program by providing access of their stallions to mares in other countries. Frozen semen has also made it possible for Cre Run to represent stallions from other countries in the US, for example Dahess, the third leading all time money winner, who stands in France. Deborah believes that breeding to "any of these winning stallions around the world", through the use of frozen semen, "allows a breed to better itself as a whole. It allows for out crossing with lines that would not have been available otherwise."

Select Breeders in Maryland has been fortunate to work with Cre Run Farm and assist them with their breeding goals by freezing their stallions Da Adios and Sam Tiki as well handling the exportation of the semen.

"Each country has its own rules and laws that must be adhered to for frozen semen, and it is nice to know that Select Breeders will take care of that for us" Deborah Milahoff, Cre Run Farm

As the Arabian racing industry and Cre Run stallions continue to gain international attention, Select Breeders looks forward to participating in the further success of Cre Run's breeding program.

To learn more about Cre Run Farm please visit their website: www.crerunfarm.com.

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