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Dawn Chamorro

March 02, 2018

Posted by SBS in Focus On Our Breeders

Dawn Chamorro_Supremat OLD side Dawn Chamorro of Cypress, TX bred a few of her own mares over the years but didn’t start breeding seriously until 2015 when she purchased her stallion, Supremat OLD (Sandro Hit x Granada). Though it’s been three years, she still considers herself a “newbie” to the breeding industry. Dawn said, “Nobody tells you how much goes into the breeding world. It has definitely been a learning experience. I truly admire everyone that is involved in this industry. There is so much more to it than one can imagine.”

She and Supremat OLD compete in dressage and had quite a successful year in 2017. They won every freestyle class they entered and were honored to be one of the chosen few to ride with Olympic Gold Medalist Charlotte Dujardin. Currently their focus is to move up to FEI classes while continuing to collect semen for cooled shipment.

The goal of her breeding program has always been to produce pregnancies for those breeders who breed their mares to Supremat OLD. She currently doesn’t have any plans to grow her personal breeding program because she is choosing to focus on Supremat OLD’s show career. She said, “I know all the work that goes into being on both the stallion owner side and mare owner side, so I just try to do my part by being a fair and honest stallion owner. It is exciting to see all the babies each year. I can see how one can become addicted to it!”

Supremat OLD’s offspring are still young but they have been proving themselves at breed inspections. His young foal crops have several Hanoverian site Champions and GOV Premium foals as well as many winning in the USDF Breeders classes. Dawn said, “I’m looking forward to seeing them getting started under saddle. We have one 3-year-old started in 2017 that is fantastic and will have a few more in 2018. I think 2019 will be an exciting year as this will be his first big foal crop that will be turning three.” Dawn said that her stallion has had quite an interesting young life. She attributes his level head and ability to handle pressure at such a young age to the Rubenstein blood on his dam’s side of the pedigree. She commented, “He is a talented horse and so far, has passed along a lot of positive traits to his offspring.”

Dawn Chamorro_Victory gallop After purchasing Supremat OLD she contacted Select Breeders Southwest (SBSW) in Aubrey, Texas to inquire about their frozen semen and stallion management services. After speaking with the staff, she chose SBSW to handle all of the semen collections for Supremat OLD. Since she still competes with him, frozen semen gives her the freedom to collect him when it best fits their training schedule. When asked what she likes best about working with SBSW Dawn said,

“Communication is a big deal and SBSW has gone above and beyond my expectations. Not only do they take the best care of my stallion while he is in their care but they obtain the best frozen semen quality possible from him. As a result, they are able to give specific details to every mare breeder so they have a positive experience.”

Dawn went on to say, “They have always been accommodating with every request I’ve asked and have always made us feel right at home. They have the latest technology and are able to ship where ever needed. I feel completely confident having them collect my stallion for all my breeding needs. I am very grateful to them and I never worry when Supremat OLD is at their facility for a long period of time because I know he is in good hands.”

So be sure to keep your eye out for Supremat OLD’s offspring at breed inspections and in USDF Breeders classes but also in 2019 when his first big foal crop will make their entrance into the show ring.

Photos by Susan J. Stickle

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