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Double H Farm

June 27, 2011

Posted by SBS in Focus on Our Breeders

OrlandoOwned and operated by the Harrison family, Double H Farm is a recognizable name to those involved in the sport of show jumping due to their success with horses such as Orlando, HH Radco, and HH Rebozo who finished 4th at the WEG last year. While many of Double H’s horses are dominating in the show ring, there is another side to this competitive farm with the development of their breeding program. In the beginning, the main focus was competing but recently Double H has added breeding to their list of services. And why wouldn’t they, when not only have the stallions proven to be successful competition horses but their broodmares Quick Star, Maybelline, and Cantate Z, have as well.

Orlando foalOur breeding program started about three years ago when a few of our mares retired from competing and our first breeding stallion Orlando was being collected for the first time in the US”, said Quentin Judge, rider for Double H Farm. They started small with only 1 mare and now they have 3 young horses on the ground and 2 mares in foal for next year. “Our breeding operation has grown as we acquired new stallions and mares and began to do some embryo transfers. Our goal continues to be to breed, raise and train our own horses and not rely on always buying our horses in Europe”. The photo on the right is HH Indigo, bred by frozen semen from Orlando (photo left) out of Quickstar II Z.

Double H Farm is still a busy show and sales barn which leaves little time for the management of breeding contracts let alone coordinating shipping details, which is why they send their stallions to Select Breeders in Maryland.

“When we speak to mare owners who are considering one of our stallions to breed to, we direct them to Select Breeders and they take care of all of the logistics and the shipment of semen”.

The frozen semen distribution program has proven a valuable service as many of the Double H stallions are still actively competing and do not have time to offer cooled semen. At the same time, we feel very fortunate to have Double H as a client and enjoy working with their staff and stallions. We can’t help but feel excited to be part of their developing breeding program and we wish Double H Farm much success in the future.

For more information on Double H farm, visit their website: www.doublehfarm.org

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