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Dr. Glenn Blodgett - A Legend In Our Hearts

December 20, 2022

Posted by SBS in Affiliate News

Dr. Blodgett - Palpating On November 20th, 2022 our SBS family was shocked and saddened to learn of the sudden passing of our dear friend and colleague, Dr. Glenn Blodgett.  He began working as the resident veterinarian and manager of the Four Sixes Ranch horse division in 1982.  Our relationship with Dr. Blodgett and the 6666 Ranch began 20 years later when Doc asked us to provide semen freezing services for 6666 Ranch managed stallions. In 2008, the 6666’s Ranch became an Affiliate Laboratory of SBS.  Dr. Blodgett would have turned 74 years old on December 21st.  Therefore, we wish to pay honor to him on this special day by sharing our thoughts about this very special man. 

Dr. Blodgett, “Doc”, was a giant among the veterinary community and within the horse world his accomplishments and contributions are vast and well recognized. More importantly, Glenn was one of the most genuine, caring and thoughtful people I have ever had the honor to know. He was a man of few words but when he spoke you knew his deliberate comments were well thought out and important. He was a man of integrity and honesty and a true giant among men. ~ Paul Loomis

There are certain things about Glenn Blodgett we will never forget; the cowboy hat that he always wore, slightly crooked, and his zest for knowledge. He was one of the first veterinarians to join the SBS affiliate lab network. Dr.Blodgett This was driven by his desire to do the best job of freezing and distributing semen for the stallions he managed. We looked forward to seeing him at our annual SBS meeting.  He was a good sport and was in attendance at all the meetings no matter where in the world they were held.  Hard to forget his walking down the cobble streets of North Germany with his cowboy boots and crooked hat. We will miss this giant greatly. ~ Dr. Ed Squires

Dr. Blodgett was a valued mentor to many thriving veterinarians across the globe arising from his “coaching tree.” He would make time in a schedule that did not exist to be kindly attentive to others. After that patented grin and exaggerated pause came pearls of wisdom worthy of application to most any situation. Our profession will miss him tremendously.  To the Select Breeders Affiliate Lab Network, his skilled production, successful distribution and use of frozen semen to manage popular stallions has led to the debunking of common myths and much wider acceptance of its use in the Quarter Horse industry. For this we are forever in his debt. ~ Dr. Brian Carroll

Before the 6666 Ranch became a member of the SBS Affiliate Network, I had the honor and privilege of spending 3 - 4 weeks each winter at the 666 Ranch freezing semen from their stallions.  Those many years, Doc and I worked closely to export semen from their stallions throughout the world.  He was always eager to help others achieve their breeding goals and introduce Quarter Horse genetics to other countries with developing Quarter Horse industries.  He was always thinking outside of the box and wanting to improve on things most would have said didn’t need improving.  He had a vision of the future and was consistently moving towards it.  He was one of the kindest, most gentle hearted, intelligent men I ever met.  I know that I am a better person for having met and spent time in the life of Dr. Blodgett.  ~ Erin Bishop  Annual Meeting 2008 - Cropped

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