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Coolgreen Farm

February 05, 2019

Posted by Michelle Regan in Focus On Our Breeders

Coolgreen Farm_Royale DiamondAbout seventeen years ago and after having three beautiful daughters of my own, I was eager to return to my inherent passion for horses and riding. I started by inquiring about riding lessons for my oldest daughter and encountered show jumping for the first time and was enthralled. I befriended a horseman and trainer named David Erlandson, who made it his mission to find my oldest daughter and I suitable mounts. Within months, David found not only a perfect horse for my eight year old daughter, but also found a perfect partner for me. This quickly grew to four horses for me, of which three were stallions! It was happenstance. I was looking for a horse to ride and jump. At the same time, an Irish Sport Horse importer was dissolving its business and word of this was traveling through a channel of horseman. Through quick timing, I became the owner of three impressive Irish stallions: one sired by Cavalier Royale (Royale Diamond; photo top left), one sired by Clover Hill and one sired by Rockrimmon Silver Diamond (Diamond Power; photo bottom left). Hence, by default and obligation to maintain the very special gene pool carried by my stallions, I entered the breeding industry as an amateur.

Throughout these seventeen years, I spent time riding and bonding with my horses at my own facility. About five years ago, my husband, Joe Krysa, and I started dedicating time studying equine breeding and sport horse pedigrees, especially Irish Draught and Irish Sport Horses. In 2015, we focused on collection options, stallion training, semen management, and facility standards. We thoroughly researched and reviewed our resources, and in 2015 started collecting and freezing semen on our sixteen-year-old stallions.

Coolgreen Farm_CGF Pepper Royale Filly 280x (2)In 2016 we turned our focus to mares. We needed mares and this led us to hours upon hours at the computer. Since we were about to embark on a small breeding operation, we knew we had to carefully select only a few mares. We studied hundreds of mares, pedigrees and read many articles and we came to a decision to travel to Ireland. We traveled with a plan, the help of amazing people we met online and the trust given to us by top breeders in Ireland: Marion Hughes, her sister Ann-Marie McSorley (Hughes Horse Stud) and Geraldine Berney (Motabower Stud). In the fall of 2016 we imported three young, well-bred Irish mares and in the spring of 2018, with the guidance and reproduction management of Dr. Charlie Scoggin and assistant Crystal Howard of Rood and Riddle Equine Hospital, had successfully produced two fabulous foals. Our third foal is due this spring.

At Coolgreen Farm, our vision and goals with our breeding journey are several.

  • First and foremost, we aim to preserve the specific and noteworthy Irish gene pool of our stallions.
  • Second, we aim to produce offspring that represent characteristics of the Irish Draught and/or traditional Irish Sport Horse: Intelligent, Willing, Athletic, and Durable
  • Third, we aim to produce offspring that are marketable to the novice and amateur. Offspring that are suitable for bonding, partnership and competition. Offspring, that through excellent conformation, physical wellness and kind behaviors, are safe, uncomplicated and predictable.
  • Next, we aim for excellent equine husbandry such that the physical, mental and emotional health of our horses and their offspring are optimally developed.
  • Finally, we, as amateurs, aim to carefully research, study and select equine resources and professionals to educate and assist us in reaching our goals at the highest standards.

Coolgreen Farm_Diamond PowerTo reach our goals we need the help of industry leaders. This is very important to us especially because reproductive time with our aging stallions is limited. With the assistance of Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital, a Select Breeders Services (SBS) Affiliate Laboratory, we have successfully obtained and stored frozen semen that meets the highest standards in the industry. It is comforting knowing our semen is processed for achieving the best possible chance of conception. Our inseminations with our frozen semen were successful with each first attempt, thereby minimizing semen waste and confirming the quality of the semen. Our frozen semen has saved us enormous time by eliminating expensive stallion transportation for semen collection and insemination. Also, without frozen semen, the preservation of my stallions’ genetics would not be possible. SBS has definitely boosted our success and given us peace of mind. Furthermore, through specific testing, our frozen semen is qualified for international shipment.

Careful study and selection of equine industry leaders, such as Rood & Riddle and SBS, offer the amateur security, guidance and success with their breeding operations and goals.

We are excited to state that our first two offspring (photo above right; CGF Pepper Royale by Royale Diamond), which are the result of frozen semen inseminations, epitomize their sires and that of an Irish Sport Horse through many positive and strong features and characteristics. Our offspring demonstrate outstanding bone, conformational balance, impeccable hips, intelligent heads, eyes and ears, and favorable movement. We are truly delighted with the stamping our stallions have placed on their first offspring. This has given us momentum to continue on our journey.

Photos provided by Coolgreen Farm

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