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SBS Research Presentations 2016

October 06, 2016

Posted by SBS in General Interest

Paul Since its inception, SBS has been at the forefront of research within the Equine Breeding Industry.  Each year SBS and its affiliate members participate in research studies to help advance the science of equine reproduction so that breeders can realize the full benefits of technology. To present research at these meetings our team members must submit their research projects and findings to specific committees in the hope they will be invited to present their data. Before 2016 comes to an end several SBS Affiliate Members spoke at meetings throughout the world.

Paul Loomis, (photo left) founder and CEO of SBS, presented information about “Comparison of the Measurements of Viability between the Nucelocounter SP 100 and Flow Cytometer on Frozen-Thawed Equine Semen” at the 7th International Symposium on Stallion Reproduction this August in Champaign, Illinois.

Dr. David Scofield, of SBS Veterinary Services, was invited to speak at several meeting this year. In December, he will present his research on the “Retrospective Study on the Effect of Sperm Number, Number of AI per Cycle, Timing of AI and Site of AI on Pregnancy Rates with Frozen Stallion Semen” at the 62nd Annual American Association of Equine Practitioners Convention to be held in Orlando, Florida.

Ed Squires Dr. Scofield was asked to present two topics at the Society for Theriogenology conference held in Asheville, NC in July. His presentations were, “Review of Breeding Shed Biosecurity and Disinfection Agents” and “Improvements in Equine Semen Processing Techniques that Aid Optimal Fertility.”

We are honored to have Dr. Ed Squires (photo right) as part of the SBS team. During the International Symposium on Equine Symposium on Equine Embryo Transfer in Ghent, Belgium, he was recognized as 1 of 4 who are considered to be pioneers in equine embryo transfer. The honor was bestowed on these individuals in different areas of the world because they helped spread the technology of embryo transfer through research and training. Dr. Squires was also elected Vice Chair of the International Stallion Symposium.

SBS will continue to perform research in reproduction and looks forward to having a positive impact on the industry for years to come.

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