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October 22, 2013

Posted by SBSI in Affiliate News

SBSItaliaBarnAisle SBSItalia was relocated to Medesano (PR) in Via Carnevala, 17 from San Daniele Po (CR), Italy where they had been located since 1994. This decision was made solely for organizational and logistical reasons and to improve the services given to our customers. With this article we take the opportunity to thank the Marchi-Balestreri family, owner of Cascina Cristella, for having given to SBSItalia the opportunity to perform its clinical activities for over 15 years. Medesano is a small town at the foot of the hills of Parma strategically positioned with easy accessibility via either the motorway A15 (exit at Parma Ovest and Fornovo) or A1 (exit Parma and Fidenza). 

SBSItalia facilities are located in a former thoroughbred training center now turned into an English riding center named Joy Horse Center. The Joy Horse Center is run by Carola Pareto, wife of Gianmaria Postinger, one of the SBSItalia partner veterinarians. The facility consists of a stable with 22 stalls, a riding arena, a walker, training track and large paddocks. All of these facilities will be available for the stallions and mares hosted by SBSItalia. 

As in San Daniele Po, SBSItalia will collect and process fresh, cooled and frozen semen as well as perform artificial insemination and embryo transfer services. The semen production center is authorized by the European Union (EU; Authorization IT 29 EQ) and therefore frozen semen from stallions admitted at SBSItalia can be exported out of Italy and allows our company to import semen that was produced within or outside the EU. The EU semen production center can host 4 stallions in stalls adjacent to the semen laboratory, while the embryo transfer recipient mares will be kept within the Joy Horse Center pastures.

SBSItaliaAerial The majority of the veterinary work will be performed at SBSItalia by Drs. Sandro Barbacini and Gianmaria Postinger, as Dr. Denis Necchi will continue his sabbatical period as an Assistant Professor in Equine Reproduction at the Dutch Utrecht Veterinary School for the next breeding season.

This relocation has unfortunately caused a minor inconvenience to SBSItalia because, for logistical reasons related to the excessive distance from home, Francesca Bellingeri will no longer be able to manage our office. SBSItalia takes this opportunity to thank Francesca for her long time and incredible contribution to the growth of its business. On the other hand, we are pleased to announce that there will be two new additions to SBSItalia: Carola Pareto will be the mare barn manager, while Marius Farcas will be the new stallion manager. In the coming few weeks we will welcome the first two stallions to be hosted at SBSItalia’s new facilities to freeze semen for international export.

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