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We Welcome a New SBS Laboratory in Italy

March 19, 2013

Posted by SBS in Affiliate News

CREC LabCentro di Riproduzione Equina Centauro (CREC) is located at Bagni di Tivoli near Rome on a historical Standardbred farm. The facility, situated on an almost 100 acre property, is a state of the art veterinary practice, built according to the latest guidelines for animal welfare. The care of the horse is of utmost importance at CREC; horses are housed in stalls at night with turn-out in large paddocks during the day. Every day the CREC team provides the most advanced reproductive techniques to the equine breeding industry by bringing together specialized experience and the best in patient care.

During the breeding season the facility hosts several mares for foaling or welcomes them to be bred with cooled or frozen semen. The CREC facility includes a mare exam room, stallion collection shed, foaling out stalls with camera systems installed and two labs equipped with modern equipment for processing semen and handling embryos. Embryo transfer is a primary service at CREC. The facility offers a complete package covering every aspect of an embryo transfer program, following the donor and recipient mares throughout all the associated procedures; from breeding, to flushing of the embryo and transfer. CREC offers a small herd of recipient mares (approx. 30 mares) for the transfer of embryos collected on site, or for embryos shipping in from other farms.


CREC arose from the desire of Dr. Bianca Clarizia to realize a facility capable of offering a full range of equine reproduction services, from artificial insemination to assisted reproductive techniques, with a special emphasis on the quality of the services and knowledge of the staff. The idea grew stronger for Bianca during her experience at Hartman Equine Reproductin Center; a well-known fertility center focused in advanced reproductive techniques and embryo transfer located in Whitesboro, Texas.

Bianca A graduate in veterinary medicine from the University of Parma and after four years work experience in Italy, Dr. Bianca Clarizia completed an Internship program in Equine Reproduction in Texas, focused on embryo transfer and the management of fertility in mares and stallions. The following year, a highly motivated Bianca, went back to the USA to gain further practical experience and continue her education. During her experience in America, Dr. Bianca Clarizia worked closely with Dr. David Hartman to increase her knowledge of equine reproduction, and this experience ultimately resulted in laying the foundations for the development of CREC.

CREC ShedThe affiliation of CREC with Select Breeders Services was born from the desire to further strengthen the goal of the center to provide customers with the best quality services in freezing semen. Being part of a worldwide network, such as Select Breeders Services, enables us to provide our clients access to the leading frozen semen program in the industry, a product that meets the highest standards in the field, and the ability to ship semen through SBS affiliated laboratories in United States, Europe and Australia.

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    by Angela Darrity on April 02, 2013

    It is really impressive and apprecating event..Lab is huge.I would like to congardulate CREC’s crew members.

    common core

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