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What is a SBS Affiliate Laboratory?

August 03, 2017

Posted by SBS in Affiliate News

SBS is the largest provider of frozen semen services in the world, with unrivalled expertise accumulated over its 30 years leading the frozen semen industry. Two SBS labs - Select Breeders Services, Inc. (SBS-HQ) in Chesapeake City, Maryland and Select Breeders Southwest (SBSW) in Aubrey, TX - are owned and operated by Paul Loomis, CEO and founder of Select Breeders Services, Inc. The SBS Affiliate Program is a network comprised of some of the top equine reproduction laboratories from around the globe. Currently there are 25 affiliate laboratory locations (15 in North America, 7 in Europe, 2 in Australia and 1 in Central America). These are veterinary clinics or large breeding farms that have joined the SBS Affiliate Network so they can market their frozen semen services under the SBS brand and take advantage of the many benefits SBS Affiliate Laboratory Program has to offer.

SBS Affiliate Map_040917

At this time Affiliate Laboratory locations are primarily restricted to North America, Europe and Australasia. This is because we need a Quality Control (QC) laboratory within each geographic region that is responsible for extender production and shipping, as well as completion of the QC submissions. In Europe, this is performed by SBS Italia and in Australasia by Goulburn Valley Equine. Overall administration of the Affiliate Laboratory Program is overseen by SBS-HQ in Chesapeake City, Maryland.

To find the SBS Affiliate Location closest to you, click here.


Select Breeders Services was incorporated in 1987, and became dedicated towards the responsible development of the equine frozen semen industry.

Our Company Purpose is “to develop a lasting organization that has a significant positive influence on the horse industry and advances the science of equine reproduction so that breeders can realize the full benefits of technology.”

After many years traveling across the United States to freeze semen for clients, it became clear to Paul Loomis that an affiliate laboratory program would be the most practical means to satisfy the growing interest in utilizing frozen semen among breeders.

SBS Annual Meeting_Group Photo 2015 It was also clear that one of the major factors limiting the application of frozen semen in the horse industry was inconsistent quality of the product being put on the market. Breeders and veterinarians experienced frustration with attempts to use expensive semen that in many cases was of very poor quality. We knew that in order for breeders to realize the full potential of frozen semen technology they would have to be convinced that by applying strict standards for quality, frozen semen could be produced that could achieve results similar to cooled semen.

Consequently, the SBS Affiliate Laboratory Program was designed to deliver quality frozen semen services to breeders throughout the world. The SBS brand is recognized as being a source of quality frozen semen breeders can rely upon. This is due to the unwavering commitment we have to our core values, and our emphasis upon quality control. You can learn more about what sets SBS apart in our article, Quality Control is at the Core of the SBS Difference.


Veterinarians are constantly looking for innovative ways to distinguish their practice and broaden their services. The Select Breeders Affiliate Program helps our partner clinics grow their practice and reputation through association with the SBS brand. The SBS Affiliate Laboratory Program provides quality control, technology, training, and support to vet clinics and breeding farms throughout the world. Benefits of the Affiliate Laboratory Program include:

Hands On Personal Training

Employees from all Affiliate Laboratories are trained in semen processing and freezing by our experts at SBS-HQ in Chesapeake City, Maryland. Our hands-on approach ensures that every technician is trained and comfortable following the meticulous SBS Quality Control safeguards. These safeguards ensure the best outcomes, every time.

Dr. Rich Giacopuzzi of Humprhey, Giacopuzzi & Associates of Somis, California said,"I came to the training very comfortable with my semen handling and freezing skills, and came away with a whole new realization of where the state of the art truly lies. Not only are you providing a great product, SBS has a business model that has many aspects that will be incorporated into the rest of my practice."

Standardized Procedures

Affiliate Members have access to detailed protocols, standardized forms, and proven record keeping systems. Our continuing education methods and standard operating procedures are setting the standards for the industry and will continue to raise the bar.

Access to Proven SBS Products and Protocols

Innovation begins and ends with SBS. We have developed unique semen extenders and protocols that have been tested on thousands of stallions.

Quality Control

Quality Control is at the heart of the SBS difference. We are committed to raising the quality standards for frozen semen. Driven by technology and more than 30 years of experience, the SBS Quality Control Program is at the core of our commitment to providing quality frozen semen that will hold up to any third-party post-thaw investigation. Quality Control_SBS Extender Lab In addition to the post-thaw quality testing performed by the Affiliate Lab on every ejaculate frozen, SBS requires that test straws are sent to the SBS regional headquarters for independent testing. This testing consists of computer assisted motility analysis, final sperm concentration and bacterial cultures to ensure product consistency and accurate reporting.

Dr. Justin Ritthaler of Weatherford Equine Breeding Center in Weatherford, Texas said, "I have always been impressed with frozen semen that I receive from Select Breeders. When I learned of the opportunity to become an affiliate of SBS I was eager to become associated with an organization that is held up as a leader in their field. Select Breeders standardized protocols, unique extenders, and stringent quality control measures are second to none. I am happy to be a member of the SBS family, and can now rest assured that I am providing the best possible frozen semen services for my clients."

Frozen Semen Storage and Distribution

SBS has the largest and most efficient frozen semen storage and distribution system in the world. Affiliates are offered the opportunity to utilize these facilities for both domestic and international semen storage and distribution. Affiliates can also take advantage of the international distribution program directly allowing the import and export of frozen semen between SBS affiliates.

Continuing Education

The strength of the SBS Affiliate Program lies in the combined knowledge of our members and the continuing education of the network. Personnel from SBS Affiliate labs meet annually to share information and experiences, discuss protocols and policies, and set the course to drive the future of the industry. Our annual meetings also offer an opportunity for veterinarians to obtain continuing education credit hours.

Research & Development

Knowledge sharing is at the heart of the SBS Affiliate Program. Affiliates are included in multi-center collaborative research projects aimed at improving outcomes achieved with frozen semen.

Technical Support

SBS Affiliates enjoy access to the top Theriogenologists and Reproductive Biologists in their fields. Our dedicated staff is readily available to answer questions and provide support; they are devoted to the advancement of the equine frozen semen industry as a whole.


The SBS website is viewed by thousands from around the world each month. Each affiliate is provided with pages specific for their lab to market to prospective clients and recognize them as part of this International organization. Their customers also gain access to the SBS Stallion Guide, a free marketing tool that allows their clients to promote their stallions and reach a global audience. 


SBS Affiliate Statistics April 2017 Affiliate members generally have a strong background and prior experience in equine reproduction. Affiliate Laboratories require the facilities and equipment to collect and prepare frozen semen using SBS protocols. This includes advanced processing equipment like a programmable cell freezer and a semi-automated straw filler and sealer machine. After enrollment, the affiliate member must complete the SBS Advanced Semen Freezing Training Course, conducted at SBS-HQ. The Affiliate Lab is also required to send straws to SBS for Quality Control evaluation on a recurring basis. Membership is renewed on an annual basis.


If your practice is looking to expand your reproductive services and differentiate yourself from competitors, we can help. Fill out our Contact Form to learn how the Select Breeders Affiliate Program can take your practice into the next generation!

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