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Bob Loomis Quarter Horses

January 12, 2014

Posted by SBS in Focus On Our Breeders

Bob_Pam_Loomis 2 Bob Loomis (Left with wife, Pam) is a recognized master in the world of training and showing reining horses.  His amazing career began in 1967 and after winning six championships he has more NRHA Open Futurity victories to his name than any other rider in the industry.  He quite literally wrote the book on reining (Reining, The Art of Performance in Horses by Bob Loomis).  Not only is Bob in the NRHA Hall of Fame, so is his phenomenal stallion, Topsail Whiz (Topsail Cody x Jeanie Whiz Bar).  In 1972, Bob began his breeding program.  His goal from the start was to raise NRHA Champions because he wanted to raise horses he could “win on.”  And win he did!  He is the only breeder to show, train and stand 3 generations of NRHA million dollar sires; NRHA #1 All Time Leading sire, Topsail Whiz (photo bottom left) followed by West Coast Whiz (Topsail Whiz x My Moon Stone Chex) and Topsail Cody (Joe Cody x Doc Bar Linda). 

Adding on to his list of champion stallions and standing at Loomis Ranch today in Overbrook Oklahoma, is Cromed Out Mercedes (Photo middle right; Custom Crome x Princess In Diamonds).  This stallion’s impressive show record includes NRBC Open Champion, AQHA Reserve World Champion Junior Reining and NRHA Open Derby Finalist, Top 12.

Cromed_Out_Mercedes Bob sees Cromed Out Mercedes, affectionately known as “Curly”, as the total package.  He says, “When putting a great breeding horse together you have to look at everything, and everything has to be correct.  Curly possess a tremendous mind, is easy to train, is a natural talent and in the show ring people liked watching him.”  Cromed Out Mercedes has proven to be a wonderful out cross for Bob’s “Whiz family and any other solid family”.  Bob reports Curly has consistently reproduced that tremendous sound mind, sound body, big stop and real pretty turnaround that he looks for in a great reining stallion.  Bob says with Curly, “the whole package is there”.

Tuning in to the individual needs of his stallions and keeping them happy is part of what has made his breeding program so successful.  For instance, Bob points out that Curly is a kind and gentle horse that likes his workouts and does a lot better and is happier in the breeding season if he is loped every day.  Bob’s high standards, love and devotion to his horses and the sport has made him the #1 breeder of reining horses and his breeding program operates at the cutting edge of equine reproduction.  Bob relies on Select Breeders Southwest in Aubrey, TX to collect, freeze, store and ship frozen semen to his customers all over the globe.

When asked why he choose SBS his answer was short, sweet and to the point.  He simply said,“Because they are the best.”

Topsail_Whiz SBS is thrilled to have the endorsement of this legendary reining icon.  And what does this award winning horseman do when he isn’t managing his world class reining horse breeding program?  Well, it turns out that along with his wife, Pam, he is managing the bloodlines of a herd of Texas Longhorn cattle. And he does that with the very same aplomb as the horses.  In 2012, at the Longhorn World Championship, the Loomis’ Texas Longhorns swept the Longhorn's "Ultimate" Awards - the equivalent of the "People's Choice Awards" in the Longhorn world.  When it comes to Texas Longhorns, this husband and wife team strive to breed for conformation, horn length, color and disposition.  One of their cows, BL Rio Catchit, is the first Longhorn to have horns that span over 90" tip to tip.  Her son, Cowboy Tuff Chex, is the first bull to have a tip to tip horn span over 70" before his second birthday.  Bob says the Longhorn cattle are not only a business, “For Pam and I, they are a big part of our enjoyment each and every day."

Photos provided by Bob Loomis Quarter Horses. 

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