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SBS Italia Moves to New Facility

March 07, 2017

Posted by SBSI in Affiliate News

SBS Italia_Mare Palpation Photo 2017 Since January 1, 2017, Select Breeders Services Italy (SBS Italia) transferred their business to Studio Veterinario Associato Luretta.  Their facility is located in Gazzola, which is not far from Piacenza, and provides veterinary care for small animals and horses.  The practice was founded in 1997 and is owned by three partners: Dr. Antonino Calza, Dr. Carlo Brigati and Dr. Roberto Casaroli. Dr. Sandro Barbacini of SBS Italia and Dr. Casaroli have known each other for many years since they both attended the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Parma.

Drs. Barbacini and Casaroli decided to join forces in order to offer their clients an excellent quality of service in the field of equine reproduction. For this reason, Dr. Barbacini has transferred all of SBS Italia’s production, storage and distribution of equine frozen semen services to the facilities of Studio Veterinario Associato Luretta. This means that Studio Veterinario Associato Luretta is one of the newest members of the Select Breeders Service (SBS) Affiliate Laboratory Network. The headquarters for SBS are located in Maryland in the USA. The SBS network currently consists of 25 laboratories throughout Europe, Australia, Central America, and the United States, with the SBS headquarters located in Maryland, USA.  All SBS labs offer services of production, storage and distribution of frozen equine semen, using procedures that involve the application of standardized and advanced protocols. The SBS labs also adhere to a unique quality control program which positions this group as a leader within the industry throughout the world.

Studio Veterinario Associato Luretta is an authorized facility by the Ministry of Health and the European Community on the production and international trade in equine semen with IT18EQ code and is also an artificial insemination center (PC0102H) and equine embryo transfer facility (PC0001S). Studio Veterinario Associato Luretta offers many services related to the equine reproduction including:

  • Collection, processing and distribution of frozen semen
  • Reproductive management of mares using fresh, cooled or frozen semen 
  • Embryo transfer
  • Evaluation of the reproductive potential of stallions and mares
  • Diagnosis and treatment of infertility in horses

SBS Italia_Paddocks Photo 2017 At this facility, we also perform quality control analysis on the frozen semen produced by seven European SBS Affiliate Laboratories. Dr. Barbacini and Dr. Casaroli are responsible for all of the clinical and laboratory activities and are assisted in their work by Marta Agro. Marta is the technical manager for the management of mares and stallions admitted to the facility as well as the storage and distribution of frozen semen.

Our reproduction facilities include fully equipped laboratories, semen collection room and an exam room for mares. We also have a stud farm with ten large stalls and six paddocks where stallions and mares can spend most of their day.

To receive further information concerning the services provided at Studio Veterinario Associato Luretta and/or SBSItalia, you may contact Dr. Sandro Barbacini 335317376 or Dr. Roberto Casaroli, or send an email to info@sbsitaliasrl.com.

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